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Tax Services
Proactive. Compliant. Freedom.

Tax Services

Compliance. Strategies. Refunds. Is your head spinning? It’s amazing how such a tiny word like “tax” can spark such trepidation. But with our office, it doesn’t have to.

Krystal Carroll, C.P.A., will seamlessly take this task off your hands, treating you with care every step of the way. We’ll discuss the services that best suit your individual or business needs. We go beyond tax compliance and proactively recommend tax saving strategies to maximize your after-tax income. We’ll give you the freedom to focus on the part of your business that you do best.


Using a computer program to complete your taxes may seem quick and easy, but nothing beats one-on-one personalized assistance from a licensed tax professional. We are here to help get the most out of your filings, sort through the ever-changing tax laws, and make sure you are getting the deductions and credits you are entitled to.

This is especially important if you are a small business owner. There are so many different circumstances out there, and every client deserves a unique, personalized tax preparation. We’ll help make sense of your receipts, bills, notices, and all those other important pieces of paper you’ve saved in the folder on your desk.   

We handle clients from all walks of life; some with business income, rental properties, high net worth, stock options, partnership K-1’s, and even expatriate and international tax needs.


“Can I deduct my vehicle?” “Do I need to track my miles?” “Is this meal deductible?” You’ve probably asked yourself these same questions at some point. The good news is that we know the answers! Plus, more tips and tricks to help you save in other areas.

Our focus is maximizing deceptions, reducing tax liability, and meeting your tax and regulatory needs in a timely manner. We’re proactive with our recommendations and strategies. Mastery of the current tax laws (and frequent changes to said laws) and complex tax code is our aim and help keeps your business paying the least income taxes possible.

Remember, we work for you, not for the IRS. Many of our clients save many times the fee in reduced tax liability through careful planning and legitimate tax strategies.

In addition to tax returns, we can help your business with payroll filing, any audits, tax planning, QuickBooks, bookkeeping, and more. We will take these worries off your hands and let you focus on running your business.

Today’s the Day.

Save time, money, and headache by letting us prepare your taxes.